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Legends and Icons

Each piece of art is uniquely created, this includes famous legends and icons. My art pieces can be purchased as multiple mediums: Canvases, Framed Pieces, Prints & T-Shirts.

Bernadette in Headphones

This is a black ink and pencil illustration on paper. The illustration depicts the theatrical actress, Bernadette Peters, holding headphones to her ears. She’s listening to the soundtrack for her next theatrical performance. Ms. Peters did not pose for this illustration.


Blondie: Deborah Harry

The singer of the 80s group Blondie is Deborah Harry. This illustration was taken from one of Blondie's albums and was created using blue ink on illustration paper. I intentionally left out other images on the album's photograph to give Deborah Harry recognition for her vocal talents.


Blue Madonna

This is my rendition of Madonna's "True Blue" album cover. I drew this using only blue ink on illustration paper. I decided to stay true to the album title by only using the color blue in my illustration.


Jody Foster

This is a pencil illustration on paper. This illustration is of Jody Foster as she graced the cover of a national magazine. While the photograph was in color, I decided to illustrate it using only black pencil.


Liz Taylor

This is colored pencil and ink on paper. I’ve always been inspired by Liz Taylor’s beauty and her lavender colored eyes. This illustration allowed me to capture her beauty on paper.


Marilyn Monroe in WHITE

This illustration is colored pencil and ink on paper. Marilyn Monroe is the most photographed woman and this is why I illustrated her. I decided to use a lesser know image of her with a background that I darkened more to emphasize the colors and her facial features.


Marilyn Monroe Liking it Hot

This illustration of Marilyn Monroe is from the "Forever Marilyn" 26 foot statue which stands in front of the Palm Springs Art Museum. The statue captures her famous scene in the movie "Some Like it Hot" and is a favorite tourist site in Palm Springs, California.


Marilyn Monroe Swimsuit

This is colored pencil and ink on paper. This illustration was created depicting the geometric form of Marilyn Monroe’s pose. I enhanced her pose with geometric lines that form her initials.


Martha Davis

Martha Davis is the vocalist and songwriter for the 1980s rock/new wave group named The Motels. Her sultry vocals helped the band get two top ten hits with "Only the Lonely" and "Suddenly Last Summer". She also appeared on television and her music has been featured in movies and TV shows.


Pat Benatar

Pat Benatar is an American icon who has lead a self-named band since the 1970s with her soprano pitched vocals, melodic ballads and intense rock repertoire. She is also a prolific performer who is still performing to this day. This illustration is drawing pencil on illustration paper.


Rita Hayworth

This illustration is black ink on paper. Rita Hayworth was a famous actress from the Golden Era of Hollywood and she is famous for this pose. Simplified lines were used to depict Ms. Hayward.


Shania Twain Contemporary Image

This digital illustration of Shania Twain was created by me from a photograph I took of her during her "Queen of Me" concert in Palm Springs, California. This abstract image of her performing a song on a motorcycle was created as homage to her talent and to the devotion of her fans.


Shania Twain on Motorcycle

This digital illustration of Shania Twain was created from a photograph I took of Shania at her "Queen of Me" concert in Palm Springs, California. I captured this captivating image of her performing a song sitting on top of a motorcycle.


Terri Nunn

Terri Nunn is an American singer and actress. She was the vocalist for the 1980s pop/new wave band Berlin and has starred in several television shows. Her vocals in the Berlin song "Take My Breath Away" which was the theme song for the film "Top Gun" earned the band a number 1 hit in 1986. This drawing is made with pencil on illustration paper. The original source for this drawing came from the photograph on the inside sleeve cover of Berlin's "Pleasure Vicim".

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