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Mountain Forest Night Landscape DRAWING.jpg

Original Artwork & Vibrant Photography
Jaime Hernandez

Collections Exclusively for Your Home or Office

California born

Uniquely Made

Mission Inn Courtyard PIC.jpg


Vivid and Vibrant Photography

Jaime Hernandez is a local artist based in Southern California. Influenced by the landscapes, sunrises, and sunsets around him, he uses photography as a tool to capture and share the beauty of his surroundings with you. He accomplishes this with vibrant art work and photography.

Mission Inn Courtyard


Drawing his inspiration from energies around him, his aim is to energize your home with his vibrant and stunning pieces of the complexeties of the human form and nature's unparalleled beauty. 

Shoreline Village Sunset DRAWING.jpg

Shoreline Village Sunset


Woman in Stipes DRAWING.jpg
Bernadette Peters in Headphones Drawing.png
Woman in Red DRAWING.jpg


Woman in

Bernadette in Headphones

in Red

Wrigley Mansion at Catalina Island PIC.jpg

Wrigley Mansion at Catalina Island

Shoreline Village Japanese Garden PIC.jpg

Shoreline Village Japanese Garden


Meet Jaime

My name is Jaime Hernandez (first name pronounced Hi-may) and I am
from Southern California.


I am a self-trained artist; I create art through illustration, photography and digital mediums.

I sell my art so you can enhance your personal collection. I offer prints, framed prints, canvases and imprinted tee shirts of my artwork and photographs for you to enjoy in your home or office.

Riverside Desert Hills PIC.jpg


I can do nothing but enjoy my purchase of Jaime Hernandez's "Riverside Landscape" photography. His unique eye through the camera lens is an art. The inspired use and emphasis of color draws me into it every time I enter the room.

Chris P; Palm Desert, CA

Image by Steve Johnson

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